Chained memories are spirits from the Never that have been summoned and bound using the Thief of Hours spell. These spirits hold a memory or series of memories they are directed by the caster to take. They hold the memories for a seemingly indefinite amount of time until they are released by an appropriate counter-spell. They can be bound to any physical object, and appear as an ornate marking that pulses when exposed to arcane energy. The memory is evoked for viewing by the application of magic; via a unicorn, an arcane battery, or by touching live bonewire.

The memories taken are lost to their previous owners unless they can reclaim them by viewing them through the spirit. This was utilized extensively by the First and Second Era governments to "mind wipe" spies and other participants in political and social intrigue.

There is a small danger associated with the use of these memory objects. If the binding spell was miscast, the spirit has a chance of possessing the viewer, thus becoming an Unchained Memory. Everypony in the vicinity must then deal with a highly unstable spirit with two sets of memories and severe identity issues.

List of Chained Memories found in Source:MLPEdit

Lyra's Obelisk

This contains a recording made by Lyra Heartstrings of her conversation with Comet Tail regarding the mass-marketing of Memory Obelisks by FlimFlamCo. The conversation reveals that Comet Tail essentially invented the spell matrix itself, but cannot stop FlimFlamCo. from using it, as spells at the time were not patentable. Lyra also notes that Comet Tail is a unicorn supremacist.

Trixie's Hat

The Integrity Prime Obelisk

This damaged obelisk contains several days worth of recordings by an unnamed unicorn stallion whom worked directly beneath Twilight Sparkle. It partially details the construction of the Harmony Towers.

Rarity's Sewing Machine

This sewing machine, still in the preserved Carousel Boutique in Old Ponyville, contained one of the recordings made by Sweetie Belle at Pinkie Pie's request. The enchantment had been damaged by a bullet and the spirit attempted to possess Lozenge when she viewed it.

Binary's Mocking Obelisk

Sweetie Belle's Crusader Cape

A second recording by Sweetie Belle left for an unknown pony.

The Hangpony's Tree

Princess Luna's Piece of Nightmare Moon