Cheerliee cropped

Cheerilee: Overmare of Learning.

Cheerilee was an earth pony mare and Second Era political figure.


Cheerilee survived the Second Fall and followed the Three Saints on their trek to herd all survivors to the eastern Equestrian coast. She remained in Baltimare, serving as interim Mayor, until her failing health forced her to retire. She relegated her genetic material for cloning purposes after scientists discovered all ponies had become sterile.

She is one of the few Second Era ponies known to have survived both wars, the subsequent cataclysm, and the reconstruction.

Premare of the Department of EducationEdit

Present DayEdit

Cheerilee's genetic material is stored at Amity II, and used to create clones renowned for their cognitive abilities. Her lot label is 94811973. Lozenge, the original story's protagonist, is a clone of Cheerilee.