Diamond Dogs are a race of sentient, semi-bipedal canines. As of the Fourth Era, they are the only 'civilized' race still capable of reproducing sexually. Equine races universally treat them as second or third-class citizens.

Through HistoryEdit

Pre-First EraEdit

First EraEdit

Diamond Dogs were semi-dangerous slavers who imposed other species into working their gem mines.

Second EraEdit

The integration of Diamond Dog auxiliaries into the Equestrian military was a turning point in the Great War. Saddle Arabian forces had no answer for their burrowing tactics until the Acanthi eventually mastered dirt magic. Even then, they were feared as skirmishers and bushwhackers par excellence.

Third EraEdit

Astrallania and the other artificial Alicorns feared a Diamond Dog uprising, and engineered the Kerberoi to hunt them to extinction.

Fourth EraEdit


Diamond Dogs throughout the series repeatedly cite their lack of regard for names. Seemingly, Diamond Dogs only maintain names for inter-species relations.

Noted Diamond DogsEdit







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