This is a semi-complete list of characters in the original Source. They are all fictional characters who have appeared at several points throughout the novel.

Main CharactersEdit

The following characters are either cast members chosen by Mr. Ergot or Lozenge's permanent traveling partners or contacts. They are listed in the order that they are introduced.

Lozenge, introduced in Chapter 1, is an earth pony mare and the lead protagonist of Source. She is a Church apothecary living in Baltimare, annoyed at being chosen to have a foal in the annual lottery, when she is murdered by apostate terrorists, setting the events of the story in motion.
Breakbeat, .
Dr. Helix
Dr. Helix .
Apple Peel
Apple Peel, .
Double Down
Double Down, .
Syntax, .
Sirocco, .
Cameo, .
Lozenge's ship, stolen from the Church of Medical Sciences Deep Well laboratories.

Supporting CharactersEdit

The following characters are listed by faction in the order that the faction is discovered and their importance within that faction.


Baltimare is a center of scientific and medical learning, and the most advanced city remaining in Equestria. It's patron saint is Saint Scootaloo.

Golden Hoop
Golden Hoop is the unicorn Bishop of Baltimare, and one of the primary antagonists of the story.
Silver Ring
Silver Ring is the earth pony Bishop of Baltimare.
Copper Bar
Copper Bar is the pegasus Bishop of Baltimare. He is Sirocco's father, insofar as he is his guardian and commissioner.
Blueberry Syrup
Palette, first introduced in Chapter 1, is a mare who serves Stable 2 as a painter.
Platinum Discipline
Palette, first introduced in Chapter 1, is a mare who serves Stable 2 as a painter.
Dr. Needleminder
Head of the Church of Medical Sciences.
Dr. Straight
Palette, first introduced in Chapter 1, is a mare who serves Stable 2 as a painter.
Nurse Heartspark
[[Lozenge|Lozenge's co-conspirator and Apostate agent infiltrating the Church of Medical Sciences.
Diamond Dog Underwell mercenary. Father of Sleeves.
Diamond Dog Underwell mercenary.
Unicorn with fire-related talent. [[Underwell] mercenary.
Church of Whispers agent. First poses as archeologist to observe Lozenge.
Church of Whispers enforcer. Attempts to assassinate Lozenge.

The Autonomous City-State of BittsburghEdit

Bittsburgh is a former Church mining facility that recently claimed independence.


Las PegasusEdit

Root CityEdit

The Society of CorunEdit

The Society of Corun is a secretive unicorn supremacist society existing within the Church.


The Bleam City BanditsEdit

The Sol InvictusEdit

Tartarus' BowlEdit

Tundra RaidersEdit

The Saddle ArabiansEdit

The Snow DogsEdit

Female Diamond Dog, and leader of the Snow Dogs. Hired by Razorberry to protect the homesteaders in Root City. Pup of Hobble.


Major Second Era CharactersEdit

The following characters lived before the Hoarfrost claimed Equestria. They are listed by faction in order of importance.

Minor Second Era CharactersEdit

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