This is a list of species encountered in Source:MLP that possess an animal (or lower) level of reasoning and cognitive ability.

NOTE: This is a list of creatures from the original "Source" novel. For creatures from other in-universe stories, please visit their respective pages, located at the bottom of this page.



SOLAR DronesEdit



Star SpidersEdit

Ursas Major & MinorEdit

Ice HydraEdit

Flurry EelsEdit



Mimic FliesEdit

Snow CrabsEdit

Creatures in Source Side StoriesEdit

Unique Creatures:Dirty Hearts

Unique Creatures:Fearmaker

Unique Creatures:Mad Circuitry

Unique Creatures:The Page and the Work

Unique Creatures:Gourmand

Unique Creatures:Los Pegasus Confidential

Unique Creatures:Armiger

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