This is a list of all species that appear throughout the Tundra and beyond. These species are all sentient and exhibit higher brain functions such as self-awareness and logical reasoning.

For animals and creatures possessing a lower cognitive capacity, see the List of Creatures.

==Pony==broad species label

===Earth Pony===normal equestrian


Normal equestrian


Normal equestrian

===Bat Pony===this species is rarely seen in any episodes of MLP but is assumed to be the royal guard for Princess Luna

Alicorn Edit

Alicorns are ponies that possess the traits of Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Unicorns. Their appearance is easily distinguishable by the presence of both wings and a horn. Alicrons are likewise able to execute the unique abilities of each pony breed. The potency of their spells is supposedly unparalleled. The Church of Whispers highly restricts all reference material regarding Alicorns.
The only surviving Alicorn in the Fourth Era is Prince Solstice, Grand Oligarch of his eponymous Church.


The Erdhesser are the descendants of Earth Ponies exposed to Green Snow during the Saddle Arabian War, and left to survive in the tundras.

Saddle ArabiansEdit




Diamond DogsEdit

Green HoundsEdit




Buffalo are a species of sentient, four-legged bovine mammals that inhabit tribal settlements throughout the Tundra. They are distinguishable by their generally large bulk, brown coats, and a large hump on their back near the shoulders.


Windigos are a race of sentient ice spirits charged with punishing the hateful. Their Penance Aura creates Hoarfrost.