Magic is a natural and integral part of everyday life in all Equestria. While it is employed in varying levels from banal to apocalyptic, it is so common its regular occurrence is considered mundane.

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Church badge. The eight pointed star represents Unicorns and their contribution of Magic.

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Magic is

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Only one known Alicorn, Prince Solstice, exists over the course of the original novel.

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Much of Equestria's flora contains magic.

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Even the "regular" Equestrian fauna possess magical properties.

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Phoenixes can never die of old age and project a debilitating aura of cold that can freeze any nearby living creature, like a localized version of a Windigo's Penance Field.

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Have regenerative abilities and poisonous breath.

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Radicores are preternaturally resilient, and continue living despite absorbing astronomical amounts of radiation.

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Cockatrices can turn most living creatures into ice statues with a gaze.

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Became an Alicorn and ascended to power by draining the power from Princess Luna while she slumbered in stasis, killing her.

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Became an Alicorn by using Tirek's spell, leeching Celestia and Luna's powers from Astrallania.

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List of Spells

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Items can be magical by their very nature, or be imbued with magic through the application of a spell matrix.

List of Magical Items

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TRIVIA: The steps used by Breakbeat during her ritual in Chapter 28 mirror the lyrics of the Megadeth song "The Conjuring".

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