A violent sociopath is one thing. A violent sociopath with work ethic is another.
Double Down about Marauders

The Marauders are a tribal organization of earth ponies. They controlled large swathes of land between Ponyville and Van Hoover, scavenging materials from ancient ruins and raiding settlements. They followed a loose hierarchy of "Cheifs" that all reported to Viscera.

They are openly sadistic, especially toward non-earths, who they blame for Equestria's frozen state. Each band maintained some autonomy; some were relatively peaceful and focused on mining ancient tech, while others openly practiced ritualistic mutilation and cannibalism.

Golden Hoop incited them into war by firing the Celest-IA into several of their camps. Following Viscera's death, and after Faith Prime crashed into the planet, releasing the Windigos, they became disorganized and dispersed across the Tundra. Though they present less of an organized threat, Sirocco remarks in the epilogue that they were even more dangerous now that they were "scared and backed into a corner".

In Other WorksEdit

Source: Dirty Hearts is about a marauder who attempts to reintegrate into society after his band rejects his unicorn daughter.

Source: The Gospel of Sirocco (a non-canon "sequel") deals largely with reforming former enemies of the Church into the New Unity.

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