"A baseline interest in life requires something to cheer and inebriate, preferably food. In absence of food; spirits. In absence of spirits, friendship, I suppose, will do."       -Source: Gourmand, Chapter 16

Nomly Manerepeau is the protagonist and narrator of Source: Gourmand, a companion fic to the original novel in which he also appears. Since the story is arranged as if it were his memoirs, he is also the story's in-universe "author".








Relationships Edit

Strawberry Martini

Rusty Round


Butchy Bits

Mayor Evening Dew

In The Original SOURCEEdit

Nomly appears in the original Source novel in two scenes. In one, he introduces himself and creates a valuable distraction, allowing Breakbeat to steal the Mayor's mane pin. In the second, he is drinking at the bar when Lozenge hits him with a table.

Both scenes are integrated into "Gourmand".

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