Platinum Discipline
Kind Minotaur
Sex Male
Occupation Enforcer
More info
Eyes Pale Silver
Mane N/A
Coat Platinum
Cutie mark
Well, my little pony, I'm about to put you into a big world of hurt.
Platinum Discipline, Source:MLP, Chapter. 20

Platinum Discipline was a minotaur clone serving the Church of Solstice as an acolyte and enforcer. Only the strongest, most vicious, and most obedient clones are permitted to remain in the church, and he was a prime example. He followed the Vocalist Blueberry Syrup, serving as her bodyguard and primary muscle, while she attempted to convert Lozenge back to the Church's ways.








As a virtue of his size and strength, he employs a wide array of heavy weapons, most notably a set of shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.

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