Ponyville was a formerly bustling manufacturing and agricultural center of pre-apocalypse Equestria. As of the Fourth Era, however, it is a derelict ruin overrun with dangerous tundra wildlife. It also intermittently hosts murderous gangs of scrappers and scavengers attempting to loot ancient technology from a relatively intact source. Lozenge, Breakbeat, and Double Down encounter one such gang during their search for Sparkle batteries for the LYL-T.

Though still gravely damaged, it survived into the present day remarkably intact due to the protective dome encasing the city. This revealed the degree to which the extinct society had prepared for apocalyptic events.


FlimFlamCo. Heavy Industries FactoryEdit

Carousel BoutiqueEdit

Castle of the Princess of FriendshipEdit

Sugarcube CornerEdit

Sweet Apple AcresEdit

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