"Progenitor" is a term referencing any pony that is a source of genetic material for cloning. Normal, healthy clones can only be made from Progenitor cells; clones constituted from clone cells nearly always turn out as mutants.

Known ProgenitorsEdit


Stored in Amity Prime; used to create hyper-cognizant clones.


Trapped in rogue cloning engine in Vanhoover.

Lucky Clover

"Handsome Earth Pony Stallion Series 1" cloning base; a popular source for modification and creation of Earth Pony colts.



Popular military progenitor base.


The progenitor of all Pegasi bishops.

Amethyst Star

Clones usually possess particularly potent magic.

Parish Nandermane

Creation base of musically-purposed earth pony clones.

Prince Blueblood

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