Project Perfection was a joint Department of Care and Department of Progress initiative to create genetically perfect ponies immune to Hoarfrost and incapable of hatred. It went through several stages of development, the ultimate unintended result being the production of a biological weapon.

Project ProtectionEdit

The original project (headed by Fluttershy) entailed saving Equestrian flora and fauna in case the Windigo advance could not be halted. It succeeded. Researches noted that several of the initial serum recipients, including Angel Bunny, developed gradually worsening mutations.

Project Protection was shuttered when the Department of Progress took jurisdiction. They used the research as a basis for Project Comfort.

Project ComfortEdit

Tartarus BowlEdit

A top secret meeting at the Department of Care facility in Tartarus Bowl decided Project Perfection's future. Lozenge and Beat view the memory of this meeting through Soarin's last obelisk.

That's when I knew we had really lost our way. Somewhere on the road to peace, we took the exit to the self-serving desires of an elite few, and the old soldiers like me let it happen.


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