Source: Fearmaker cover.

Fearmaker is the second companion fic written by the original author, taking place at roughly the same time as Lozenge's story arc. It spans nineteen chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue, detailing the final days of a team of Scarecrows as they investigate paranormal activity around Tartarus Bowl.


Fear is a healthy thing when it draws a line between ponies and secrets.

That's why the Church sent my team into Tartarus Bowl; to instill the proper fear and respect. Strange and fatal things had been happening all around New Dodge City. Things that smacked of Old Equestria. Things that we all want to stay buried.

They told me it would be the challenge of lifetime.

They didn't know the half of it.


The narrative follows a team of Scarecrows tasked with investigating the mysterious deaths of three young fillies in a mining settlement near New Dodge City. This investigation leads them to several locations in the vicinity of Tartarus Bowl.

The characters observe some of the major events of the original novel, such as the explosion of the Tri-Rail Station and clashes between the Church and Viscera's Marauders.

For a complete plot summary see: Fearmaker: Synopsis



Overlap with SOURCEEdit

The story runs concurrently with the original Source. The characters never directly cross paths, but on three occasions notice each other's exploits:

1. Double Down mentions Jounce. " this stallion, Jounce. He was a real piece of work."

2. Jounce receives a report about Lozenge's escape from Baltimare, but disregards it as he is already dealing with the monsters coming from the Bureau of Agriculture facility.

3. Piperine sees the Ponyville Tri-Rail Station explode while scouting out Ghastly Gorge.

4. While moving the LYL-T to Viscera's camp, Lozenge witnesses the explosion triggered by Jounce at the end of Fearmaker. "...the creepy-looking hill randomly exploded, throwing biological and magical crap all over the place, reminding me again that I wasn't an action pony, I didn't like very loud things, and landmarks in the Tundra randomly blow up..."

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