Trixie 5

Trixie during the First Era.

Trixie is a unicorn mare with a talent for stage magic. She served as the Assistant Director of the Department of Augury. She was having a love affair with Comet Tail, and was funneling him information in exchange for knowledge of Fate Spells. She intended to live forever through use of Starswirl the Bearded's unfinished spell, "Leaping Toward Nightfall".

Second EraEdit

Third EraEdit

Saint Apple Bloom, following Pinkie Pie's instructions, built a waystation over the buried Tailahasse. After her death and the subsequent rise of the church, the Pioneer Corps established an orchard around the original structure, using it as a front to excavate the ruins. This, of course, released Trixie and the red moths into the orchard, resulting in the wholesale slaughter of its residents.

Fourth Era: The LulamothEdit

Trixie resorted to using her Thief of Days spell on the red moths to prolong her own lifespan, allowing her to continue guarding the Tailahasse Maneframe and the slumbering Twilight Sparkle. Prolonged use caused her to take on moth traits, and her body eventually became an odd pony/moth amalgam. By the time Lozenge arrives, she has been driven well and truly insane by her long durance.

She squares off against Lozenge's group, and is killed.