The Equestrian Tundra, the Great Tundra, or simply "the Tundra" is a vast frozen expanse that once comprised the pony nation of Equestria. The Church of Solstice preaches to its constituents, isolated as they are within the Four Stars, that the Tundra is devoid of life. This is a lie. Tenuous pockets of civilization persist amidst the remains of an ancient and forgotten Equestria.


The Eastern Ice PlainsEdit

The Oat BasketEdit

The Foal MountainsEdit

The San Palomino Waste LandsEdit

The EverfreezeEdit

The Shattered Crystal PlainsEdit

Formerly known as The Crystal Empire.

Ghastly GorgeEdit

The Neighagra Falls AreaEdit

Tartarus BowlEdit

A mentioned-only location that Lozenge and company travel near, but never explicitly see. It is described as a massive crater that "a fast pony couldn't circle in a week".

The Dead LandsEdit

The Western Ice PlainsEdit

What was once the western coast of Equestria is now a no-pony's land of military ruins and black snow. This area received a disproportionate amount of Sparkle radiation after Canterlot exploded, due to the tundra winds generally blowing east to west. Only Los Pegasus, surrounded by a Shining Armor Field, remains inhabitable.


For specific locations within the Tundra, see: List of Tundra Locations



Culture & LifestyleEdit

Outside of Church strongholds, all social order has broken down. This leaves the population not born under the Church's protection to live in a perpetual state of violent want. Procuring enough food to survive is a hazardous and often life-ending task. Very few live into old age.

With no rule of law, arbitrary governance is often left in the hooves of those most capable of imposing their will. "Justice" is usually defined by the strongest pony present. These are most often violent warlords or religious fanatics. Only in rare instances, such as Root City, do actual legal codes exist.

Several characters note that most ponies want to do the 'right thing', but what that thing is has been so tragically skewed through the brutality of minimalist survival that society has trapped itself in a cycle of violence and famine.

The 'right thing' for them is a full belt of ammo and a warm body to fire it into. They think friendship is having somepony to watch their back while they loot and murder. Even if I could coax them to a bargaining table, they already have guns and a license to rampage, and that seems to be everything they could hope for. What can we offer?
Lozenge referring to Viscera and her Marauders