Unicorn banner vector

The Unicorn Tribal Banner.

Unicorns are a breed of pony known for their ability to use magic. Their bones are used to make bonewire.

Their motto, as revealed in the Tribunal Hall, is "We Move the Heavens."

Through HistoryEdit

Pre-First EraEdit

Unicorns were rumored to have raised and lowered the sun and moon in exchange for food from the earth ponies and pegasi weather control. They constituted a society obsessed with aristocracy and status, and were generally disliked by the other tribes.

First EraEdit

Second EraEdit

Third EraEdit

Fourth EraEdit

Noted UnicornsEdit




Sweetie Belle

Doctor Helix

Bishop Golden Hoop

Frostgleam was a homesteader who was enamored with the idea of heroism. While dressed as Mare-Do-Well, she killed three Erdhesser who were about to rape a merchant mare from Root City. This precipitated the feud between the Erdhesser and Root City settlers, leading to countless deaths.
Wasabi Pea
Legendary mercenary.
Comet Tail
Second Era researcher responsible for inventing numerous spells.
Starswirl the Bearded

King Sombra


Second Era magician that survived into the Fourth Era by using Fate Magic.